“Christ now acts through the sacraments he instituted to communicate his grace. The sacraments are perceptible signs (words and actions) accessible to our human nature. By the action of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit they make present efficaciously the grace that they signify.”



The usual church for Baptism is the parish church of the family whose baby is to be baptised.

Most parishes offer baptismal preparation and the opportunity to meet parishioners and other families with children for baptism. This enables those seeking baptism to feel part of the parish community and heightens the significance of the baptism being celebrated in the local parish community.
Where for some good reason, the family is seeking to celebrate the baptism outside their parish church, the permission of their Parish Priest needs to be obtained and given to the celebrant of the baptism.

Godparents share in the responsibility with the parents, of introducing to, instructing in, supporting and forming the Catholic faith in their godchildren. For this reason, parents need to take great care in choosing godparents and take into account in their choice the commitment to and practice of the Catholic faith and preparedness of the godparents to be involved in the faith development of the child for whom they are accepting this responsibility. Because of the importance of the godparent’s role as a model and mentor of the Catholic faith, one godparent must be a Catholic who has been confirmed and has received the Eucharist, at least sixteen years of age, and who lives out a life worthy of the role that he is about to undertake. It is permissible for a baptised Christian who belongs to a non-Catholic ecclesial community to participate together with the Catholic godparent, and then only as a witness of the baptism. It is not possible for an unbaptised person to act as godparent or witness.

For further information regarding available dates for Baptism and Preparation Sessions, please contact the Parish Secretary at or on 9419 2920