Strive to providing a safe and secure environment for all its members, leaders, and especially its children and adults at risk. The care, safety and welfare of children and adults at risk is a collective responsibility, embedded in robust policies and practices of the Perth Archdiocese which reflect its zero tolerance to abuse.
St Vincent’s Parish Safeguarding Team

As directed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth Safeguarding Program, we endeavour to ensure that everyone engaged and working in the Parish, promote the inherent dignity of all persons including children and adults at risk and their fundamental right to be included, respected and nurtured in a safe environment. We seek to maintain high ethical standards in all decisions, actions and programs. We strive to be a safe place and put no barriers in place that will harm or hinder children and adults at risk.

For information regarding the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth Safeguarding Program, including

Please visit: Safeguarding Office – Protecting Children in the Catholic Church (


Ann Fairhead

Ann, retired, is an inaugural Safeguarding Officer, she has a Teaching Nursing background. Ann has worked for Caritas Australia for over twenty years. She is a spouse, parent, and grandparent.

mob: 0419 931 760

Sabina Amalraj

Sabina, is a full time employee as an Assistant Customer Service Manager. She has been involved with Safeguarding since 2018. She is married and mother of two.

mob: 0470 148 748

Rhonda Cook

Rhonda is a teacher at a Catholic College and has lived in the Kwinana area for over 25 years. She is married with 3 children and grandparent to 4 beautiful children.

mob: 0423 154 452

David Johnston

David is retired and lives in Wellard. He is a Secular Servite and has been a lay member of the Servite Order for over 20 years. He is an Acolyte with the Altar Serving Ministry. In the absence of the priest, he serves as a Lay Minister.