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April 26, 2021
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April 26, 2021

Anzac Day occurs on 25 April every year. On this day we remember and honour all Australians who have served in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world, including the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. In World War I, Australians not only served at Gallipoli but also on the Western Front (France and Belgium) as well as in the Middle East.

Of all the events in Australia’s history, the battle at Gallipoli in World War I stands out as having defined the spirit of our nation. Although Gallipoli represents different things to different people, the story of the ANZACs who fought at Gallipoli is one of perseverance and courage in the face of failure and despair.

The ANZAC Spirit

To cope with the tragic losses our country saw at Gallipoli, the men and women of Australia searched for the positive in the experience. To get through such a horrendous time the soldiers had to develop strong bonds with each other and demonstrate extraordinary courage, endurance and bravery.

So, today, when you hear someone speak about the ANZAC spirit, think of courage, bravery, endurance, mateship, determination and sacrifice. These are the values that were demonstrated so strongly by the soldiers at Gallipoli and are important in defining Australia as a nation.

Its not all about history

Anzac Day is not all about history. Even though Australia is not at war, many Australians are currently serving in wars and peacekeeping operations overseas. Anzac Day is a particularly important date to Australians with friends or family members in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). On Anzac Day, many families think of their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers or sisters who are in war zones or on peacekeeping missions overseas.

There are currently thousands of ADF personnel based around the world. In many locations, Australians are working with other nations such as New Zealand, France, Canada and the USA to maintain peace and stability. Peacekeeping is a major role of the ADF.

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